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The Monster (troubletwisters (playaway))

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Findaway World

Author: Garth Nix / Sean Williams

Searching for a nice kids book? Consider Monster written by Garth Nix / Sean Williams. The author is Garth Nix / Sean Williams and it was published sometime in June of 2012 by Findaway World, add to cart by clicking the hyperlink below.

Since moving towards the town of Portland, many bizarre things have happened to Jaide and Jack Shield. And when they do, destruction and disaster won't be too far away. The twins have found their own magical powers — and have seen how they can go horribly wrong. They have met cats who talk and humans who keep silent about deep, dark secrets. It's a creature that comes out only at night, a beast that defies human description. Terror. And they have begun their fight against a deadly force known as The Evil. but they're about to. Jaide and Jack have never observed it. Monsters. Magic. Still, Jaide and Jack have yet to meet the strangest resident of Portland. TROUBLETWISTERS.


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