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The Fall (seventh Tower #1)

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Fall seventh Tower 1

Scholastic Paperbacks

Author: Garth Nix

The author is Garth Nix and the publisher is Scholastic Paperbacks. The became available sometime in 2000. The book has 208 pages. It's dimensions are 7.48"H x 0.55"L x 5.2"W and it weighs only 0.34 lbs. We would like for you to get the best price when acquiring a kids book for your child, click on the add to cart button.

Bestselling author Garth Nix's amazing Seventh Tower series is back--now getting a great new look! When danger strikes, he must desperately climb the Red Tower to steal a Sunstone. He does not see the threat that will tear apart his loved ones and his world. He reaches the top. He has never left his home, a mysterious castle of seven towers. There Tal makes an enemy who will save his life--and who holds the key to his future. Tal has lived his whole life in darkness. and then he falls into a strange and unknown planet of warriors, iceships, and hidden magic. But Tal can not stay safe forever.

Tal, a Chosen utilizing the Orange Order, is getting the worst luck lately. Without it, he cannot enter Aenir and bind himself to a Shadowspirit--a kind of guardian being that serves as a friend and protector towards the person it is bound to. But his attempts fail, and in his final act of thievery, Tal is thrown off the Castle of Seven Towers by a robust Shadowspirit Keeper and into an adventure beyond his imagining. Tal tries to beg, borrow, as well as steal a Sunstone. Just when he is getting ready for the Day of Ascension--a day when all the 13-year-old Chosen from the Castle of Seven Towers enter the spirit globe of Aenir--his father disappears using the family's only primary Sunstone, which Tal needs for the ascension. And with no a Shadowspirit, Tal will lose both his Chosen status and any hope of obtaining a cure for his mother's mysterious wasting illness, a cure that can only come from Aenir.

Australian fantasy author Garth Nix (nicely known for his novels Sabriel and Shade's Children, both ALA list picks) has joined with Lucasfilm to launch a six-book fantasy series about Tal's world, of which The Fall is the first installment. Packed with excitement and wonderfully weird creatures like the living sea of Selski along with all of the hungry, one-horned Merwin, Nix's latest tale will enchant readers. Containing elements of The Golden Compass as nicely as the Harry Potter books, The Seventh Tower is an epic fantasy not to be missed. (Ages 11 to 14) --Jennifer Hubert


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